About us

"UNICUM ARM" LLC was founded on 2013. In the same year, the company received licenses of import and export of military products, as well as for their purchase and sale.

On 2014 "UNICUM ARM" Company was participated in a number of tenders organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, as a result of which, the company signed contracts of optical equipment's supply with the RA Ministry of Defense.

The company has been cooperating with a number of international organizations over the years. On 2015, our company became an exclusive Distributor/Agent of the "Armasight Inc." in Armenia. Obtaining confidence and building strong relationships with this company, "UNICUM ARM" was awarded the title of "The best Partner of the year" by the "Armasight Inc.". Our company's specialists have visited a number of companies' factories for sharing experiences, was acquainted with the processes and technologies of production. Participating in retraining courses in various countries, our company decided to establish its own production.

It is with this goal that "UNICUM ENGINEERING" LLC was established in 2016, which received licenses for the production of military equipment, as well as for mediation activities for the trade of military products and the export and import of military products. At present, our company has a number of night and thermal vision devices, which by quality characteristics are in no way inferior to foreign analogues.

The exclusive distributor of the company

"UNICUM ENGINEERING" is the exclusive representative on the territory of the Republic of Armenia of the company "Katod", which is the largest manufacturer of Image Intensifier tubes in Russia.

Participating in various exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad our company represents its products in the international market with high competitiveness.







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